Uncle Walter’s Year of Wonder- April

Near Lake Huron, in the Grey Water Area, Uncle Water recalls growing up in the 70’s, before computers, before unsocial media, and before people forgot what was important. 

April, a time of rain, of Spring, of looking forward to growth and new beginnings. And Walter has the potential of a new friend ship with Jack Brody. Jack is a rough kid, with a reputation, and the adults in Walter’s life are not sure of his growing companionship with Jack. 

But Walter likes the thrill of Jack’s schemes and ‘activities’, plus doing things with Jack not only gave him an excitement burst he’d not had before, it made others at school view him differently.

Though how far would Walter go with Jack, how far was he willing to prove that the friendship was a real one?

Listen as Uncle Walter tells a April tale that told him much about hm=mself.. Featuring Marty Garavaglia as Uncle Walter.