Award Winning epic 8 episode 230 minute long, full cast, bespoke foley sound, original music, Sci-fi Dramedy out now!

It is 2268, and Kal O’Neil, Space Pirate Captain of the Mae-Jay and its crew are happily going about their intergalactic thievery blissfully unaware that the Cosmic Coalition is about to drag them into saving the future of the Universe itself.

Episode 1- The Mae-Jay May 1st

Episode 3- The Detour May 7th

Episode 5- The Truce May 13th

Episode 7- The Decision May 22nd

Episode 2- The Rescue May 4th

Episode 4- The Extractor May 10th

Episode 6- The Trap May 16th

Episode 8- The Objective May 22nd

How it all began…

Many, many decades ago, Tom Bobbajobski the 13th fired the shell of a little grey boat into space on the end of a rocket. It travelled the multi-universes of the 7 Cosmoses, colliding with moons, planets, and asteroids, until a spiral of despair formed into a Grey Hole, which continued to traverse the galaxies, sucking anything in its path into the drab eternity of a wet Sunday afternoon in March.

The source of the event, known as the Dismalocalypse, was traced back to Earth which was then exiled from the Cosmic Coalition, a co-operative of planets and galaxies within the 7 Cosmoses. Since its exile, Earth has fallen into an even greyer state, while the Grey Hole continues to bring despair and depression wherever it went.

In 2268, on the one hundredth anniversary of the Dismalocalypse, the Cosmic Coalition sent an elite crew to try and contain the Grey Hole with a purpose-built Elation Grid. The attempt failed. So, the Cosmic Coalition turned to Earth for help. The Coalition had been tracking a space craft from Earth, the Mae-Jay, a ship that seemed immune to the effects of the Grey Hole and had flown closer to the epicentre than any Cosmic Coalition ship.

But on Earth, and in the Coalition, not everybody wants Earth to help. And then there is the matter of obtaining the Mae-jay, a small craft captained by Kal O’Neil, one of the most obstructive space pirates the solar system, and beyond, has ever known.