First draft-first take-first edit.

Huron City Radio was begun in the summer of 2020 when the Pandemic meant live performing had to halt. With the willing help of actors and production talent from the Blue Water Area of Michigan, Huron City Radio was created and has been producing shows ever since.

Daniel Williams

Daniel is responsible for creating, writing and editing the programs on Huron City Radio. He is indebted to all the co-creators who have helped with writing and developing shows, and of course, all the wonderful voice talent on display.

Anson Pavlov

Anson has provided the vital tech advice and support to get us running. His enthusiasm and positivity for the project before even a line was written or recorded has been the difference between HCR existing or not. Anson provides the music, sound and editing for Blood Diner. He is responsible for nearly all the graphic design for HRC and our podcast covers, as well as offering up his considerable talent as a voice actor throughout the Midnite Hour and Drama shows.

Jake Buckley

Jake is a versatile voice actor and writing co-collaborator on the Midnite Hour. His enthusiasm to jump into the Huron City Radio universe at first asking helped give us momentum to get the shows completed. Jakes vocal talents currently stands at 24 25 28 31 characters and counting and he can be heard throughout the Midnite Hour and the Huron City Radio Presents Drama Anthology.

Emilee Caughel

Emilee was part of the initial recording session that set the Midnite Hour on its way and her talent for creating immediate character voices can be heard throughout The Midnite Hour. Emilee voices Wendy Abalone in each episode as well as many other characters and she plays the lead role of Grace in Witch in the Woods.

Paul Miller

As someone with many years experience of broadcasting and using his voice, Paul has given invaluable support and advice to Huron City Radio for which we are most grateful. His acting talents can also be heard in our first drama, Raccoon Man, as well as others on the Huron City Radio Drama Presents Podcast.